Mistakes Need To Be Avoided By Recruiters While Choosing Candidates

Recruiting is an art. You’re acting as a PR, screening candidates, filtering resumes and yes, of course scheduling interviews. It’s no wonder that recruitment has become a complex job nowadays. With the introduction of the new technology though it has become quite easy to find a right candidate for a specific job profile, but a single mistake may lose a task out of hand.

Still, it is important to avoid the minor mistakes that can actually create major pitfalls for one’s company. Hence, here are some main errors that a recruiter can take care of while looking for candidates.

Judging candidates on the basis of their resumes

We are all aware of the fact that a resume cannot give a proper insight of a person’s talents and skills. So, while lining up the candidates for a job, every recruiter should personally talk to them to assess their key abilities for the profile, instead of just rejecting them on the basis of their C Vs and resumes.

Irrelevant job description

When the description given about the job is improper and not according to client’s preferences, many job seekers ignore a career opportunity. Thus, it is important for HR managers to make proper and complete job description of a job profile for the applicants, giving them a clear-cut opportunity to apply for it.

Relying on old recruitment methods

Some human resource professionals still evaluate applicant’s skills by following old recruitment methods like their resumes and job profiles, instead recruiters should contact candidates to assess their potential for the job.

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